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Does Your 8mm or 16mm Movie Film Have Sound On It?

Here’s how to determine if your 8mm film has sound:


95% of Super 8 film is silent. 99.9% of Regular 8 film is silent. Regular 8 Sound was recorded after capturing the film. Super 8 Sound came out in 1972. Popular towards the late 1970’s, early 1980’s and was in sync audio and visual. Super 8 Sound on the whole is not the best quality. Very grainy, contrast issues and consistently overexposed, caused mostly by operator error and lower quality cameras, film and developing. 99.9% of companies around the world transfer Super 8 Sound with Super 8 Sound projectors, speeding up the film to 20fps to eliminate flicker. With that increase in speed, the sound is also sped up, so the pitch changes and voices sound like Alvin & Theodore!

Here’s a video on our Super 8 Sound transfer process. ( We have only one of four machines worldwide to transfer sound correctly)


Super 8 Sound Direct Imaging Transfer & Sound Capture. Our exclusive Super 8 Sound transfer technology assures a sharp, steady, flicker-free image and crystal clear audio. Video & audio outputs are on the actual transfer unit and feeds directly computers or set top DVD recorders & hard drives. The exposure level can be set to full manual if desired, or two automatic modes are provided. The camera inside the unit is a high grade Sensor Technologies 1/3″ camera module with Sony Grade 6 DSP (digital signal processing) chipset and 480 TV line (640 pixel) resolution. Our Super 8 Sound film transfer units convert at the correct speeds of 18 and 24 frames per second, the same as in the original film camera. Our True Speed feature gives smoother and more natural screen action.The crystal controlled speeds 18.000 and 24.000 are accurate within ±50 parts per million, or .005%, so there is no sound pitch or pacing error. Zero flicker with either speed. You can watch the video above for complete details on how everything works. For an estimate, click on our Super 8 Sound to DVD Quote Page.