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The answer to how other ‘companies’ transfer film is, well, you just don’t know, because they give up very little information. Methods are usually shrouded in text with technical waffle that equates to, well, avoiding having to make a video which would take a minute to do with a cell phone and upload to YouTube. Sometimes it’s a ‘secret’ or ‘proprietary technology’ if you read or hear that, run a mile, it’s the oldest ploy in the book. Nobody discloses with video, like we do, on how they are transferring film because they are using garage sale equipment and projecting film onto a wall or mirror type setup. These methods in this video are used by 95% of film transfer companies STILL TO THIS DAY! This is the blog that companies do not want you to see. Just say no to projecting off walls, mirrors and condenser lenses! Don’t see a video on a competitors website on how they transfer film? They are transferring film just like you’ll see here. These are images pulled from the internet. We can’t make this stuff up! Video at the bottom is a video off YouTube showing you how to transfer film the ‘ghetto’ way. So many companies do this, but they’ll never admit to it! Just because you see a website, doesn’t mean they are a company. You are paying money for a company to do what you can’t do, anyone can point a video camera at a wall.

the wrong way to transfer film

In the photo above, posted in 2008 from a Blog of a guy that transfers film from home.
Note the ash tray just blow the splicer lol!
I see a circa 1989 Camcorder and VCR deck! NOOOOOO!!!!

the wrong way to transfer film

Image above:
Using a Mini DV Camcorder to capture off a box and piece of paper.
This is why the ‘informational’ website ‘dirty little secrets’ guy
INSISTS on converting to Mini DV, because he’s got a set up just like this below.

the wrong way to transfer film 3

Image above:
The mirror and condenser lens setup, very popular. Notice one thing, how far back is that camera?
The image quality lost from these contraptions and margin for error are immense.
Also, the camcorder is a JVC Mini DV $150 eBay special.

Image below:
Circa 1985, again, so many companies using this ‘Deluxe Video Transfer System’

Picture 49


A customer reviewed the difference between Got Memories and Home Movie Depot, exact same footage.

Video Below here is what we refer to as the ‘Ghetto Transfer’ tutorial
This is EXACTLY how businesses transfer film as well!