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Behind Closed Doors

How Your Film Is Being Transferred Without You Knowing

Below are shocking pictures & video of how companies are converting film. You’ll see on every website, self congratulating write ups about how amazing their product is, different levels of quality, descriptions about the marvels of their technology, but in the end, it’s all complete lies. Setups are like this across the industry. To weed out them out, ask these two simple questions:
1. Can you provide me with a video of your equipment and how you convert film?
2. Can I come to your place of business and view your equipment and process?
If businesses are unwilling to fulfill these two SIMPLE requests, they are converting film like below. No excuses, do not converse any longer, just hang up! At Got Memories, we show you exactly how we convert film, the ONLY company that shows you how it’s done.
Some of the best known companies that Costco & Wal Mart uses project film onto a wall!