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Edit Your Videos Free

You might not know this,  but you can edit your videos free . Typically with Windows, you get Windows Movie Maker, which is very, very basic and will not import DVD-Video correctly. You will need a file format such as Mpeg 4, which we can provide, then it will import. On the Apple Mac side, you have iMovie, which is also preinstalled and included with every new Mac. Again, importing DVD’s is

not an option, you will need files such as .Mov or .Mpeg4, which we can provide.
There is however a video editing program we do recommend which will import DVD’s and is available on both Mac & PC. It is called Adobe Premiere Elements. It can be downloaded for free online with a 30 day trial and usually retails around $100, although
you can buy older versions through sites like Amazon & eBay as low as $20, although they might have compatibility issues with newer software. We have made a video editing tutorial series featuring Adobe Premiere Elements.