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Importing DVD’s into Editing Software

Below you will find information on PC & MAC editing programs that import files from your finished DVD with no loss in quality. Some editing programs import DVD’s and some do not. It can get confusing. We do recommend our option for DVD’s & MPEG4 transfers, so if you do decide to edit, you will have peace of mind knowing that whatever program you chose, MPEG4 will work with everything, even uploading to Google Drive, Dropbox, it’s the magic format that’s accepted by everything!

Windows Movie Maker: Will import DVD’s, BUT, a lot of people have issues, i.e the entire footage not imported. We highly recommended MPEG 4 option for Windows Movie Maker.

iMovie: Will NOT import DVD’s. There is a work around, but it’s confusing and we recommend again, MPEG4 files.
Final Cut Pro: Will NOT import DVD’s. We recommend MPEG4.

Adobe Premiere Elements (PC & MAC Versions): WILL import DVD’s, video below demonstrates that.
Cyberlink Power Director: WILL import DVD’s.
Pinnacle Studio: WILL import DVD’s.

If you are diehard with DVD, you can rip them yourself with free programs like Handbrake.
For further clarification, drop a line on (602)438-4381 and we can help guide you!