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Examples of Our Work

Examples If you find sharper, more colorful, crystal clear home movie film transfer samples online, let us know, because we haven’t.

1968 DC-4

A nice short clip of a DC-4 at Salt Lake City Airport in 1968

16mm Family Footage

Michael Levine of Phoenix gave us this 16mm movie film footage that his family shot back in the 1950’s. The film was kicking around in a box at his office.

1962 Detroit Car Show

8mm film footage from the 1962 Detroit Car Show.

1968 16mm Baby Film

A stunning 16mm frame by frame digital transfer. Film over 50 years old transferred in stunning HD!

16mm Film Transfer

This is another example of the quality that can be achieved by having Got Memories transfer your 16mm film reels and home movies to DVD.

Misc. Film

This is another customer film that was transferred from 16mm to DVD and then uploaded to FaceBook. While there is some compression on the video from the web player you can see that the quality is still great.

8mm to DVD Parada Del Sol

Got Memories can achieve stunning results by transferring your 8mm film reels, 16mm film reels, Super 8 films, and other home movie formats to DVD, the web and hard drive for editing.

Widescreen England 1969

16mm film to DVD footage of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, England, Changing of the Guard in 1969. 16mm anamorphic widescreen.