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Film Transfer Service for 8mm, 16mm & Super 8

*silent film only, setup fee may apply.

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More About 8mm Film Transfer & 16mm Film Transfer

Got Memories film to DVD transfer services utilize the best hardware available to get the job done right the first time. Customers are usually in the dark about how a transfer is actually done. 95% of the film transfer industry either project film using standard store bought film projectors and video taping off the wall or a mirror, resulting in a serious loss of quality from your original film.

When you are looking around for a film conversion, you rightly assume there is a standard, but unfortunately, the standard is projecting off walls. Reason being, is equipment to transfer film correctly is expensive, hence why most companies and individuals working out of home based businesses revert to low cost, low quality methods. Although, they will never admit to such a practice, resulting in technical sounding descriptions, which to the untrained, may sound qualified, but to the professionals out there, complete waffle.

The only way to be sure, is to ask for video proof of their methods, like you see here on If you get a reply stating ‘intellectual property’ that ‘secrets’ can not be shared due to their ‘amazing’ technology, again, run a mile, it’s the oldest ploy in the playbook! At Got Memories we use commercial film transfer machines to convert film to DVD. Our internally modified equipment even out performs the common frame-by-frame and telecine units in the film transfer market today, which many of our competitors use. Old film is brittle. Just running it through that old projector you found at a garage sale can cause irreparable damage. The heat from old-style lamps in projectors can melt the old film in the blink of an eye. Our modern equipment uses LED technology that is brighter than old-style projector bulbs with no heat! Just to be able to pick the right hardware to do this type of work requires a high level of expertise.

Here is just a sampling of things that we do when transferring your precious memories from old silent film, or even film with sound, to an archival digital format that will not degrade over time:

Corner to Corner Image Brightness

That old lamp in the projector is not able to display the full brilliance that is still there in each frame of the old film. Our professionals and modern equipment give you a transferred product that is full and bright from corner to corner. We use LED technology that is brighter than projector bulbs from long ago. Modern LEDs are brighter than bulbs with no heat to melt brittle old film.

An old projector lamp was brightest in the middle. An amateur projecting old film on the wall and transferring it to digital will have a problem with the finished product being brighter in the middle. Modern digital media doesn’t look like that. That’s why we use our equipment and expertise so there are no hot spots.

Our state-of-the-art equipment takes the images from your old film and turns them directly into a video file format. Some of our competitors use equipment that requires computers to be tied up for very long periods of time while the file is “rendered” into a usable digital format. The time factor of rendering gets transferred directly to the customer in the form of a higher price. Plus, if the rendering should fail due to any cause, it’s back to the beginning to do it all over again. We utilize equipment that transfers directly to and raw video formats that we can use. That translates both to a better finished product as well as lower prices for our customers.

That is just a sampling of what we do. There is a whole lot more that goes on behind-the-scenes as we remaster your old film into an archival digital format. One of the biggest things is that we are right there as the work is being done. We babysit the project from start to finish. Some of our competitors will start the process and walk away while the machines are running. That’s not a good practice when working with fragile source media such as film.

At Got Memories we have the equipment and expertise that makes us the best. You already know how easy it is to play a DVD as opposed to dragging out an archaic projector and screen that may end up destroying your original film as you try to show it. You can trust us to remaster your old films into an easy to use and copy DVD. Oh, and even our actual DVD’s are of cinema quality. Yes, we certainly do take care of all of the little details.