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I Don’t Know What Is On My Film? Help!!!

If you have a ‘somewhat’ working projector and are wanting to view your
8mm, Super 8 or 16mm films to try and put them in some sort of chronological order,
watch this video:


If you don’t have a projector and are looking to buy one and or run your
8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film to eliminate unwanted footage to save $ on transfer,
watch this video:




If you don’t know what is on your film and how to place them in order for transfer, the options are to buy an old projector, which we do not recommend. Reliable ones are $300 on up that will not chew up your film and have bulbs readily and affordably available on the market to replace if they blow. The rest, are for the scrap heap and steer clear. Sure, you may have to pay for Dad’s footage of the trees whizzing by on the road trip to Wally World, but in the end, you’ll save yourself time and headache over projectors, splicing film that breaks etc. If you are of the ‘VHS generation’ and have never operated a projector before, seriously, leave the film alone and just edit on your computer!


Opt for chapter points!!! We can create a scene selection menu with chapters and separate files for each reel. Very handy if you don’t know what is on your films, or even if you do know, you can select, import, drag and drop in order with editing software, navigate, upload individual files to Facebook or YouTube right from the DVD. Let’s say you don’t know WHO is on the old films, you can hand over to Mom or Dad who are 2k miles away, email them the link to the Facebook video and say who are these people and what sequence does this reel fit into the rest of them. OR, you can snail mail them the DVD and with the menu and numbering system, they can easily catalog for you so you can edit easier, i.e number 7 should be number 1, get rid of number 12, slide number 21 into the number 2 slot, etc etc. It’s the EASIEST way to get things in order!


Still not convinced and die hard on a projector?
Here’s a link to a GREAT guy that sells safe and super reliable projectors. It’s the only projector site that we endorse.

Here is some more info for the die hard projector viewers!

Many problems, one solution, get it transferred, edit on your computer.

Projectors are a clunky mess, old school editing is an even bigger mess.

Agree? .. you don’t need to carry on reading, just get it transferred, place an order, edit on your computer later, reorganize reels, cut out boring bits, you get it. Once you’ve placed your order, you can relax and enjoy your accomplishment for the day!

Don’t agree? ..

You may think, sure you are going to say that, you’ll make more money! Answer is no, we won’t, because we’ll never hear from you again because in all reality, once you divert from the goal of transferring to buying or fixing a projector, the task, honestly, will never be completed. Buying a projector is a waste of money, editing film the old fashioned way with scissors and tape is just not…fun…

Still not convinced?

The main logic is why pay money for potential junk? I may not want half of what’s on these films. That maybe true. Here’s the reality. Let’s say right now, you have $300 quote for your film as it stands. Here’s the math. A reliable, and I say reliable in the sense that it’s refurbished, warranty,got a cheap halogen bulb that lasts 100 hours and if it goes, costs $8 from Ace Hardware. Refurbished in the sense that it’s not going to chew up your film, and we all know, that happens easily and very quick. (Once film has been chewed, it can not be converted) Spare copy anyone? Nope. Refurb projector online? $400 easy, try over $1,000.

You’re probably thinking again, I got lucky, I found a great projector for $100 on craigslist, bulb went, I picked one up for $40 on eBay, great…well, even then imagine sitting through hours, and hours of film, no fast forward on projectors, any projector, even the $1,000 one’s! Only fast rewind. Lets say that you find spots you want to cut out, well, get your scissors out and go online and buy some splicing tape and a splicer, oh my, what an ordeal. It’s a mess and a waste of your time. You just have to weigh up how much money, and TIME it’s going to take you to edit the unconventional way. What is your time worth to you? Even if you have the time, it’s a chore and not a fun one, will you honestly get it done in this lifetime?

The answer is, get the potential unknown transferred, even if you don’t know the order. You can edit easily on your computer, rearrange reels, we can for a small additional cost make each reel a separate file. You can find and cut out clips in seconds that would take you hours to chug along to get to on a projector.

We’ve seen many customers spend over $1,000 for reliable projectors, crazy money, only to throw in the towel, get it transferred by us and then ask us if we are interested in buying their projector lol!