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Do You Insert Chapters On the DVDs

8mm, Super 8 & 16mm movie film transfers to DVD.

We can either insert skip points every 5mins, OR, we can for a little extra, create a scene selection menu with chapters and separate files for each reel. Very handy if you don’t know what is on your films, or even if you do know, you can select, import, drag and drop in order with editing software, navigate, upload individual files to Facebook or YouTube right from the DVD. Let’s say you don’t know WHO is on the old films, you can hand over to Mom or Dad who are 2k miles away, email them the link to the Facebook video and say who are these people and what sequence does this reel fit into the rest of them. OR, you can snail mail them the DVD and with the menu and numbering system, they can easily catalog for you so you can edit easier, i.e number 7 should be number 1, get rid of number 12, slide number 21 into the number 2 slot, etc etc. It’s the EASIEST way to get things in order!

Below is an ‘off the cuff’ video giving a brief over view of the menu and feature.


Video & Camcorder tapes to DVD.

We insert skip points / chapters every 5mins. If you hit the ‘skip’ button on your remote control, it will fast forward 5mins in the blink of an eye. Hit the skip button three times quickly, it will go ahead 15 mins, and so on…