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Why Is Super 8 Sound Film the Worst Quality Film Format?

Super 8 Sound is hands down the worst quality format for one, and the most poorly shot of any time period in small gauge format history, and with that, the trickiest to recreate the best quality on DVD.

Reasons being, in the dying days of film, late 70’s, early 80’s, film was in a fight for life versus the new age of video tape formats. With the market of film on the decline, to compete, cheap products, including kodak’s, were abound, resulting in poor quality imaging. Grainy, ‘contrasty’ just an array of issues. People who were unable to afford the home movie boom, now were able, and were poorly educated on videography, film types, lenses, filters, correct use of light, how to shoot, so 35 years later, we constantly fight against that trying to do a decent transfer.

Compare that to color Regular 8mm film from say the 1940’s, we know without even looking at the film that it is going to be fantastic. Beautiful, rich colors, great light, the sky is blue, clouds are perfectly white, makes it a snap to transfer. Reason being, only very high quality, expensive products on the market, people paid a TON of money for the equipment and it really wasn’t for the novice user.