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Taking Still Frames Of Old Film and Making Pictures & Slide Shows From the DVD

A lot of questions about taking still pictures of individual frames of 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm movie film.Yes, it can be done! Using VLC media player, you can click on the ‘video’ tab and then ‘capture freeze frame’. If you are using a mac, simply hold the ‘apple key’ (command) hold shift and hold 4 all at the same time & then a ‘bulls eye’ comes on the screen and you simply drag around the frame paused on your player and then let go, that saves to your desktop! Upload to Facebook, email and even create a lovely slideshow like a customer of ours below! The quality of our frame by frame transfers really shine on the stills!

Note from Larry via YouTube:

Dear Got Memories.
Thanks to your quality transfer I was able to pull or create so many wonderful photos from our restored 8mm movies. These are photos we never had before. While there is some (natural) film grain the images really pop!
The link below is proof of that! Thanks again, Larry Tocci