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Video Tape to DVD


(Special includes VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 & Mini DV USA Formats Only)
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More About Video Cassette and Camcorder Tape Transfer

Most of us know that old films wear out, and every time they break, there is a memory on those frames of film that is lost forever. A bit surprising to many is that a video tape wears out too—even when it isn’t being played!

Video tape works by recording information magnetically onto a thin tape that is coated with tiny particles of iron. As time goes by, the magnetically stored information degrades even when stored under ideal conditions.

New tapes are able to hold the magnetic information fine for awhile. Then each pass of the tape over the playback heads of a video player actually physically degrades the thin tape and wears away the tiny iron particles. That’s why VCRs needed regular cleaning. Little iron particles get left behind in the player with each tape played.

Temperature differences that aren’t extreme enough to destroy a tape still degrade it by stretching and contraction. Another problem is the magnetic coating on the tape itself was never designed to last anywhere near forever. Actually a decade is pushing it. So how old are those tapes you have? Time is running out to get them transferred!

Your precious memories transferred to DVD don’t rely on magnetic information that will degrade. There is no tape to wear out or break. The video information on a DVD is millions of ones and zeros making it pure digital. All of that digital data is burned into the coating on the DVD by a laser. When a DVD is played there is no contact with playback parts as there is with video tape.

DVD video can be played on any DVD player. You can copy your memories on DVDs using any newer computer that has a DVD burner, making it easy to share those memories with friends and family everywhere. Go ahead and try to find a VCR to copy those old tapes you have lying around. You’ll need two—one to play the tape on and one to record the copy. Copying a DVD takes minutes and can be done easily at home. Copying a video tape takes as many minutes as the tape is long unless one has high-speed commercial equipment.

We fix, clean, and transfer your old VHS, Beta, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, and Video 8 to digital format on DVD. Do you have videotape in PAL or NTSC that you need converted? Got Memories’ Convert VHS to DVD service will take care of that too. All at prices that can’t be beat with quality that is 100% guaranteed.