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Organize, Declutter, Enjoy!

With Got Memories, preserving your family memories is easy! After you gather your media, you’ll:

1.  Complete your order form

2. Pack/drop off your media

3. Keep your memories! (we’ll ship back your media with your new formats)


All of our transfer work is done in-house by our experienced team, using state-of-the-art equipment housed in our climate-controlled facility in Phoenix, Arizona



DVDs are a convenient and modern way to store your family memories and films. They can be played on any computer or through common players. This is a great format to give away as a gift, since DVDs can be played in multiple devices, from computers to DVD players.

USB Flash Drive

The most popular option is a USB Flash Drive. We convert to MP4 files which are compatible with MAC or PC players, most Smart TV’s. Can be edited, uploaded, shared & streamed via cloud services too!

Enjoy Both

No need to choose only one new digital format. You can enjoy your memories on both DVD and USB.

50% Off Flash Sale Ending Soon!

order by Monday 03/02!