Family memories trapped on bulky unwatchable tapes? We can transfer to DVD or Flash Drive.

*Starting at $12.99 per tape.

*After discount has been applied.


A popular format for camcorders produced before the digital era, we transfer many Hi8 tapes. Trust Got Memories with your Hi8 cassettes.

*Starting at $12.99 per tape.

*After discount has been applied.


Have Betamax tapes sitting in your garage or attic? It’s time to get out of the 80s and transfer those files to an accessible digital format.

*Starting at $25 per 2 hour tape.

*After discount has been applied.


Your home memories may be from the 20th century, but what they’re stored on doesn’t have to be. Have Got Memories transfer them.

*Starting at $12.99 per tape.

*After discount has been applied.


Fun fact: a 256GB flash drive can hold the equivalent of almost 20 MiniDV cassettes. Let us transfer your collection to digital format.

*Starting at $12.99 per tape.

*After discount has been applied.


Playing Video 8 tapes in 1993 was hard enough. Skip trying to find a player in an antique store and instead have Got Memories transfer to digital.

*Starting at $12.99 per tape.

*After discount has been applied.



DVDs are a convenient and modern way to store your family memories and films. They can be played on any computer or through common players. This is a great format to give away as a gift, since DVDs can be played in multiple devices, from computers to DVD players.

MP4 or QuickTime

With digital files, you can upload your home videos and films to your computer and back them up in multiple places. You’ll also be able to send them over the web. You can purchase a thumb drive from GotMemories for an additional cost, depending on the size of the drive needed.

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Using advanced equipment, we safely and completely transfer your home videos to digital formats. This not only protects these memories, but allows you and your family to access them easily.


No matter what format your videos are in, we can transfer them to digital. We work with all formats, dating back decades, and we even have the means to transfer foreign formats.


All of our transfer work is done in-house by our experienced team, using state-of-the-art equipment housed in our climate-controlled facility in Phoenix, Arizona.


The original videos and tapes are not destroyed during the transfer process. We’ll send them back to you, along with your digital copy. Those tapes can act as another backup.


In contrast to videos on tape that require special equipment to view, digital files can be shared with friends and family easily. Sharing videos at the family reunion just got that much easier.


Physical media doesn’t last forever, and what was cutting-edge 30 years ago will begin to deteriorate. By transferring your videos, you’ll protect them for your kids, their kids, and future generations.


Much of the equipment required to view home videos on VHS, Betamax, and more is no longer manufactured. Skip the yard sale, throw away the dusty VCR and have us transfer to your memories.

“It was a much different experience than going to one of those wholesale clubs. I was very satisfied.”


With Got Memories, digitizing your memories is easy. Our three-step process ensures that your videotapes are safely uploaded and returned to you.


Start by clicking the button below. Tell us about your videotapes, including the quantity, type, and how fast you need the job done. Our system will generate a quote for you. Finally, checkout to complete your order.


You’ll be sent a packing slip. Carefully package your tapes in a shipping box with the help of our instructions. Then, attach the slip and send the box to our facility in Phoenix. We’ll process the videos into digital versions.


Once the transfer is complete, our team will send you the digital copy of your videotapes, as well as the originals. The digital copy, either on DVD or as a digital file, is ready for you and your family to enjoy and cherish.

Video transfers starting at $12.99 per tape.*

*After discount has been applied.


Phil was the best. honestly- I don’t do reviews- but he helped out big time (so an exception is in order) with some 8mm that had to be transferred to digital last minute for a fam. Reunion. Great job- met the deadline and for what - seemed to me- a good price.
Tons of 8mm movies disorganized and mislabeled and Got Memories helped me organize them and digitize files so I can edit in iMovie and share with family at...
This is one of the best kept secrets in town! Our story and our review of this company is probably pretty typical. We have a large family and a favorite family member passed away unexpectedly, and we had the inevitable task of cleaning out a house that nobody was going to use. Naturally, nobody wanted to really keep anything because it was all 30+ year old stuff that we didn’t want or need. We found a box of old film and VHS tapes that seemed to be family videos. Only problem was that none of us had any type of player that could actually watch any of these things. Half of us wanted to throw them away and the other half wanted to figure out a way to watch them. I ended up finding Got Memories and they made us a deal and they transferred everything to DVDs and USB drives. It wasn’t cheap but everybody in our family split the cost and they were so happy that they did. We all agreed that getting those things transferred to modern technology was the best thing we did for our family. There were some amazing and silly memories on there that would’ve been lost forever had we not found Got Memories. Thank you!!!
Super helpful and friendly. Turns out for my unique needs, He actually referred another company that could handle us. Much appreciated!
Amazing service. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable on all the different formats and the care they take with your media is unmatched. If you have old film reels or tapes, get them to Got Memories right away.
Excellent job !!! I had Got Memories transfer 8mm home movies to DVD and thumb drive..what a beautiful job they did with home movies of my family from the 50's and early 60'S.. Thank you very much
I cannot say enough about the customer service at Got Memories. I took in 19 different old videos on VHS, camcorder tapes etc. I had no idea what was on most of them. They were able to take the mess that I brought them and convert it to 19 movies on a thumb drive. The quality is much better than I expected (as many were quite old) and they were kind enough to demonstrate exactly what I needed to do with the videos to make individual/personal thumb drives for my family as Christmas gifts. I have found more videos and will be making a second trip to Got Memories after the holidays. They are awesome!!!
I brought in 19 vhs and hi 8 tapes to be digitized for my family to a digital usb drive for presents and preservation. I read the reviews online and got...
We brought in our old camcorder videos for data transfer and GotMemories did a fantastic job! All of our old videos of our children are safely saved on a flash drive that can be uploaded to the cloud. Tommy was super friendly to work with, full of information, and explained how to access everything clearly.
I used Got Memories to transfer a couple Super Eight movies that I made some 40+ years ago. It was great getting the film transferred to digital files on both a DVD and on a thumb drive that I was able to import into iMovie to edit in some vintage audio tracks. What a blast from the past. They did a great job, the digital video was really good. Friendly service - I would definitely use them again.
Got Memories saved me in a pinch! I was semi nervous to hand over my personal family memories into the ‘unknown’. YIKES! How could I be sure my irreplaceable videos would be cared for? But Got Memories eased all my worries! I dropped off my videos at the store and they were able to convert them just in time for my family reunion. They were very reasonably priced, professional, and included amazing customer service that is really hard to come by these days. I was able to show off my converted VHS and old video recorder tapes directly from my phone or computer and I could share it with the whole family with one click! Looking forward to digitizing the rest and getting all these boxes out of the house. I highly recommend them! Thank you from our whole family !!
Impressed! Got Memories saved me in a pinch! I was semi nervous to hand over my personal family memories into the 'unknown'. YIKES! How could I be sure my...
This experience made my week! I needed to have a video that was on a thumb drive converted and put on a dvd....I know it backwards. But Phil was amazing and...
This is one of the most amazing things we could have done with all of our family movies that were on tapes. VHS, BETA, small camcorder tapes, etc. We had them all - even some of my parents old 8 mm films that have never been watched. Everything was transferred. It brings tears of joy to now be able to watch and share them with other family members. This company did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them. I want to say "Thank You" Got Memories for allowing us to now enjoy years of family memories.
My Daughter dropped off 3 old video tapes to be digitized to a format we could watch. I was unsure of who to trust to do this, these video tapes are...
I had 3x 50ft super 8mm movies sitting in a box for years collecting dust and deteriorating. I ran across Got Memories stall at a community event yesterday...
This is one of the most amazing things we could have done with all of our family movies that were on tapes. VHS, BETA, small camcorder tapes, etc. We had...
Great service and fast! I needed an old VHS tape converted to digital. I stopped it off and they had it done within an hour. Phil is friendly and...
I had the idea of gathering an attic full of old tapes and reels, then editing them into a keepsake movie for my mom on Mother’s Day. I talked to a few different companies before finding Got Memories and no one could answer my questions about the processes quite like them. The whole experience of mailing the media to their location and getting back a quality product was awesome, and I was able to edit the family video in time for Mother’s Day. Thank you, Got Memories!
Wonderful movies on DVD from 8mm silent movies. I was so afraid of sending off these precious films just to anyone. Got Memories took care of everything and put our memories on discs. A great experience with professional skilled people handling priceless moments.
"I unfortunately lost my digital copy of several 8mm films which were converted about 5 years. The Got Memories staff politely and efficiently reached into...
Great service, and fast! I had an old VHS tape converted to digital format. Phil's friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend going there if you have any VHS, film, etc .. you need converted.
We have turned to Got Memories numerous times over 10 years for the transfer of our 8mm family movies from the 40's and 50's to digital format. We received great quality service, product, customer service and communication. Could not be more pleased!
Another hidden gem in our 32 Shea neighborhood, we brought in our old family films on VHS and various different storages and they brought them back into the...
I was apprehensive about sending my only recorded memories of loved ones gone. The lady at Got Memories was wonderful from telling me how to package my shipment to letting me know they arrived and when they were on the way back. I had one VHS tape that sometimes jammed in our player that had the only footage of my deceased father in law. They took extra care and was able to put it on dvd. I have no worries in sending Got Memories my beloved memories to transfer in media.
Got Memories performed the highest quality conversion of my Super-8 film out of every service I tried. The output was clean, consistent, and stable. I requested high-quality digital output (at the time, ProRes .MOV files) and provided them storage for said files, and they accommodated my request. For the quality of the conversion I received, I felt their prices were more than fair. Got Memories remains my first choice for Super 8 film conversion.
The service took good care of my reels and presented the DVDs in a timely manner. Some of my home movies were over 40 years old, but the quality on the completed DVD was good, despite the age of the film. I was pleased with the outcome and felt relieved that my old home movies were preserved.
In late 1940 the nation was entering World War II while simultaneously attempting to recover from a deep recession. My parents had been married for only 3 years and were renting a house for $50 a month. With only an 8th grade education, my 20 year old Mother was working in a laundry. My Father worked as a butcher along side his Father. They had very little income and a one year old child. It is difficult to imagine why he would invest in a professional quality, 16mm Bolex, camera at that time. I can only imagine my Mother’s reaction and the resulting hardships. With that said, it’s disheartening to imagine why he did not take steps to properly preserve the results.As you told me, the resulting DVD quality would be no better than Bad with some being Really Bad to Terrible was very accurate. But, the images were good enough! You were able to salvage images from 78 year old film of me as a toddler (which I had never seen) up to my wedding 54 years ago; images of my long deceased Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles; my wife’s deceased Parents; and so many others. There’s even a shot of my Solo Flight for my Private Pilot’s License in 1966. At almost 80 years old, there are so many forgotten memories, people, places and things. I was able to see them again. Very emotional for me. I’ve been writing my autobiography for a couple years with many blank time frames. You’ve helped me fill in many of those.Yes, it was expensive. No, I couldn’t afford it. Yes, it was worth it. I’m so glad I waited no longer with the risk of loosing more than I did.THANK YOU! You and your staff are miracle workers to say the least.You have my permission to use this testimonial in whole or part as you choose.Sincerely,George Beyers
Tammy at Got Memories is a 5 Star Employee who gave me greatservice and a fantastic product. Look no farther.
Used the service several times to transfer old 8mm to digital. Each time they thoroughly cleaned the old film and corrected any flaws. Process was quick and reasonably priced.
Outstanding Service, Convenience, and Quality. I transferred ALL of my Home Movies and Video's from film to DVD. I Highly recommend "Got Memories" for all of your Data, Home Movies, Video, etc. transfer needs. Their prices are Very Fair and the quality and service are second to None. Thank You for an Outstanding Job and quick turnaround time.
Outstanding Service, Convenience, and Quality. I transferred ALL of my Home Movies and Video's from film to DVD. I Highly recommend "Got Memories" for all of your Data, Home Movies, Video, etc. transfer needs. Their prices are Very Fair and the quality and service are second to None. Thank You for an Outstanding Job and quick turnaround time.
My mother had literally tons of old reels and slides of video and still footage from our past, and my grandparents past. As a gift, Based in their Yelp...
I called looking to develop my boyfriends old school 35mm film rolls as a surprise birthday gift. These things are basically obsolete and ancient but I was...
I found old 8mm movies from a deceased relative and most of them were from almost 50 years ago..I sent them away and "WHAT A JOY"They phone-talked an old...
There were major problems with my mini dv to digital transfer. As the videos looked fine when directly played from the tape on my video camera, I thought...
Very profession service, great results, consultation throughout the process, items ready on time
I needed a video 8 tape from 1986 of my family to be transferred to dvd and an MPEG 4 file. The quality looked great for 32 years ago! Staff were attentive and turnaround was same day! Impressed! I'm now in the process of gathering all my other video tapes for them to process since I had such a wonderful experience with the first one.
I needed a video 8 tape from 1986 of my family to be transferred to dvd and to an MPEG 4 file. The quality looked great for 32 years ago! The staff were...
What a professional operation, I brought in about a dozen 15 -20 year old VHS tapes of my daughter growing up, despite the degradation of some of the tapes,...
I took 13 tapes that my mom gave my from my childhood. Got Memories did a great job converting them to MP4. I'm so happy! Thank you for the great service!
Got Memories did a fantastic job transferring my family's old home movies to DVD. Their prices were comparable and, best of all, I did not have to mail my...
Got Memories converted several reels of 8mm home movies for my family that haven't been seen in over 25 years. Quality is excellent. Thank you for getting them back to us in time for mother's day. My mother was ecstatic to see them after all these years. Thank you for the great work and I highly recommend this company!
Great service on getting your old reels of film transferred to DVD.I do transfers to DVD as part of my business. I do all the tape formats, the reels of film are the only media that I do not do myself. Their process of transferring is the proper way of doing it. I have been using Got Memories for years now, getting them my clients film to transfer for me ... great service with high quality results. Thanks


Physical tapes and cassettes don’t last forever. If the media is destroyed, damaged, or deteriorated, those memories could be lost forever.

If you’ve been procrastinating when it comes to transferring your video tapes to digital, it’s time to make the switch with Got Memories.

Video transfers starting at $12.99 per tape.*

*After discount has been applied.